NAVEX Global

A holistic approach to global anti-curruption compliance


Global companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of navigating the myriad of overlapping bribery and corruption standards.

Robust ethics and compliance programmes are no longer a luxury – they are a pre-requisite to entering lucrative emerging markets. Strong ethics and compliance programmes are increasingly serving as a common defence across national laws and global standards, including in the US, UK, Italy, Portugal and Russia.

As this white paper outlines, the most efficient and effective way to prioritise management of your third party risk, while bringing the right level of attention and resources to managing that risk, is to use technology to automate what used to be manual processes.

Due diligence software gives CCOs a holistic view of their third party risk, and allows them to prioritise those risks, focusing their resources and attention in the highest risk areas. Technology will never replace CCOs and their staff, but technology can make them more efficient and leverage available resources to mitigate risks.