Unfettered Mobility: Driving the International Extended Enterprise – Financial Services


Most travel among financial services respondents is local; with 31% of respondents travelling to neighbouring countries and a further 35% travelling within the same continent. Only 14% travel globally.

A number of financial services respondents prefer web-based communication services (such as Skype and WebEx). In the office, 18% prefer these services to communicate with customers, partners and colleagues. When working internationally, 21% prefer this method.

22% of financial services respondents state that they are forbidden to use mobile devices when working internationally, compared with 17% across all respondents.

34% of financial services respondents stated that device security is still a major concern to mobile working, compared with 23% of the respondent base overall.

IDC surveyed 107 business travellers from the financial services sector between July-August 2014. This was part of a worldwide survey of 1,175 respondents who have travelled for business in the last 12 months.